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Get Forms Now Privacy Policy

GetFormsNow respects your privacy!Any and all information you provide will not be sold, loaned, reused, or otherwise disclosed. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Customer Information
Customer information is collected at the time of a sale in order to complete the sale and deliver our form(s). However, customer information is NOT sold, reused, loaded, disclosed or otherwise distributed to third parties for any reason whatsoever.

Use of Cookies
GetFormsNow places a session cookie on your computer for the only purpose to manage the shopping cart. No cookie will be issued unless you start to add form(s) to the cart. Cookies do not identify you, your email address or any other personal information.

Website Log Files
Log files are generated to show the IP Address of the visitor, date, time, and pages visited. However, logs do not identify you, your email address or any other personal information. GetFormsNow log files will be used only to improve our site and provide better service for customers by analyzing numbers of visitors, pages visited and any errors.

Mailing Lists
GetFormsNow may maintain a customer email list to offer customers information for updated forms. Customers are not listed unless their request is submitted. Customers may request to be removed from the subscription mailing list. The customer mail list will NOT be sold, rented, reused, or distributed in any case.

Change Policy
GetFormsNow may update this privacy policy from time to time with the notice on the GetFormsNow website and notice to all subscribers via email.

Your privacy is as important as ours!

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